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4 Smart Tips For User Friendly Website Design


A successful business website incorporate many more elements, other than a beautiful design and layout. User experience is something that really determines whether it will attract visitors or not. If a user finds it easy to navigate through the web pages, then he’s sure to visit over and over again.

Though attractive designs are important, do remember that user experience matters a lot. For a visitor who is in a hurry to find some online information, nothing can be more frustrating than landing on a website that is hard to navigate through. To earn an industry reputation in the online market, having a clear and concise site that offers user-friendly experience is a necessity.

Some best tips to create user-friendly websites are:

  • Make Navigation Easy

    The foremost thing that provides access to the inner components of a website is the menu bar. As an expert web developer, always ensure that the menus should be simple and easy to understand. They should be clear and readable enough that a visitor can quickly find the relevant information he is looking for. By including a search bar in the navigation menu along with keeping the important pages at the top menu level, one can make a website more user friendly.

  • Text Should Be Legible

    Another key factor that determines the impact of user-friendliness is readable text. A survey conducted recently shows that most of the web users don’t read a website, instead they scan the content. Therefore, major attention should be given to the font size and readability. By breaking a long paragraph into small ones, and including relevant heading and bullet points, a developer can make the content to be more scannable. Leave plenty of white space around the text to make sure it doesn’t look cluttered.

  • Build With Mobile In Mind

    Since more and more individuals use mobiles for surfing the online content, it’s important that your website should be accessible on all devices. Having a responsive business website that works well on smartphones and tablets, a business can reach a wider audience. To own a user-friendly responsive site, make sure that the buttons aren’t too small to click or the form fields are not too big to adjust the screen.

  • Optimize Loading Times

    A recent survey shows that the websites which take more than seconds to load are often left abandoned by users. If the site you designed consists of plenty of images, videos, CSS and other scripting files, then it may take up more time to load. An effective solution is to optimize the images, multimedia and the server itself. Delete the plugins that are not in use to increase the loading speed.

    User experience is something that should not be ignored at every cost. These are the few tips that can help you in designing a user-friendly website. If you are looking to improve the page loading speed of your existing website, contact our Website developers at FutureWorkz in Edmonton.