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Major Tools & Rules For Mobile App A/B Testing

If you are planning to develop a new mobile application or recently launched an app in the market and still lagging from the top apps, then you need to analyze your app strategy. Take time and think about the improvements you can make.

Major Tools & Rules For Mobile App A/B Testing

Well, A/B testing allows you to test your mobile app and find the necessary data to focus on. It enables you to test two or more app pages to check which performs better as well as allow you to find the ROI of your marketing strategy. The majority of the marketing experts heavily in A/B testing to make a mobile application successful. So, below is a list of primary mobile app A/B testing tools that you can utilize to improve your mobile application performance.

Mobile App A/B Testing Tools

  • Optimizely

    Optimizely is the most used and powerful mobile A/B testing tool. It allows you to experiment with several elements and you can even apply the re-engagement strategies for better engagement and retention. Using this, you can also update your app in real-time without relying on Google play feedback.

  • Five Second Test

    Five Second Test tools are an amazing mechanism of displaying your designs to users for five seconds. And, after completing five seconds, the users will be asked questions about they remembered. It gives you an insight into a user’s first impressions of your app.

  • Apptimize

    Apptimize claims to be one of the most powerful tools with reliable SDK and robust analytics. It does not have any coding and tagging. Using this, you can change the color, images, position, copy and navigation items within your app.

  • Mixpanel

    Mixpanel is best known for its simple in-browser editor using which you can change any part of your mobile application even you don’t need to use any code. Moreover, it enables you to test the non-visual thing such as the velocity of the spaceship in a game.

  • Splitforce

    Splitforce is another A/B testing tool which doesn’t require any code. Thus, it turns out to be beneficial for non-technical users. It supports iOS, Android and Unity projects.

  • Splitmetrics

    Splitmetrics can help you to test almost everything on your app pages like icons, screenshots, video and textual fields in addition to Search Ads and Category. You can continue to track the real-time results and analyze the user’s behavior.

Elements To Check Through Mobile App A/B Testing

  • Headlines

    are the most important part of A/B testing

  • Test app store

    description as it can make a significant impact in conversion.

  • Testing payment gateways

    affect your application conversion rates dramatically.

The A/B testing tool as stated above is an effective and efficient marketing strategy. Select as per your app requirement because continuous optimization is necessary to find what elements are performing better and able to drive traffic to your product. To know more, contact FutureWorkz in Edmonton. We offer mobile app designing & development and make it stand out in the market. Feel free to contact us and discuss your brand requirements.