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Did You Know You Could Boost Your Website’s SEO Rankings Through Social Media?

Did You Know You Could Boost Your Website's SEO Rankings Through Social Media?

When it comes to getting a higher rank in Google SERP’s, all companies are using each and every possible way to stay ahead of their competitors. However, in this quest to search for new and more creative ways to rank higher, one tends to forget some very basic yet very important elements to boost the rankings.

Social Media Optimization is such a great way to rank higher as not only it helps in building the brand’s image but also helps to reach your target audience in no time. Following are the ways through which social media helps in getting a better SEO ranking.

5 Reasons Why Social Media is Important For SEO Rankings

1. Link Building

Building important and legal links helps a website rank higher in no time. There are companies which adopt both legal and illegal link build-ups to attract more customers.

With social media, you don’t have to do so. This is because if your content is good, it will automatically get shared creating important and useful links for your website.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

Social media helps greatly in promoting your brand in the online market. It makes your brand a hot topic of discussion amongst your potential customers.

This, in turn, leads to more searches for your brand. More the searches, more the chances of customers coming to your website, creating great chances for conversions!

3. Google Accounts

With Google being the largest search engine, it makes sense to have a Google+ account as it will definitely value a website for this. Just creating an account won’t fool Google.

You have to update it regularly by posting relevant and engaging content for your visitors. Finally, all this will lead to improving your website’s ranking for sure.

4. Use Intelligent Keywords

No matter for what purpose you are using your keywords for, it should follow certain protocols and should not be used without thinking.

Having limited bur relevant keyword usage on social media accounts helps in impressing a search engine bot for good marks! Want to pass the SEO test? Use keywords in an intelligent way for a better pat by the ‘bot’ master!

5. Fresh Content Gets Faster Count

Search engines like to crawl a website socially first than the site itself. If you are not posting fresh content on your social accounts, it will create a negative impression of your website.

This will directly affect its ranking. Every new update is added to their indexes and if you don’t add anything in there, how will they push you up the searches?

6.Want To Boost Your Website’s SEO Ranking?

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