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e-Commerce Web Design Trends To Grasp In 2018


In the E-commerce World, it’s very challenging for the business owner to catch the audience. It’s the big fact that most of the people hesitate to do online shopping in the fear of facing any mishap. Being a designer, one has to develop a website which should be up to mark and secure enough so that the user can perform easy navigation. One has to follow the merits of current trends to deliver a customer best shopping experience. If you are setting an online E-commerce store, then you must follow latest design trends to get it last till 2018.

Here are the top web design trends that work for every e-commerce website:

  • Focus On Responsiveness

    Designing a responsive design is an essential requirement for every E-commerce website. For a designer, it’s vital to design the same design for both large screen devices as well as tablets. A website which adjusts according to the visitor’s needs can become a lifetime purchasing medium of the buyer.

  • Rich-Featured Animations

    An e-commerce website which is full of rich animations and motion pictures is an absolute solution to get high traffic towards the website. These animations and motions are also helpful in enhancing the shopping experience so that a buyer can enjoy his shopping time.

  • Add Hover Effects

    Hover effect is useful in describing everything about the built-in elements. This is helpful in clearing all the complex concepts to the users. A shopping website without a hover effect is incomplete as this feature allows the image to get a 360 view of the product.

  • Make It Storytelling

    In today’s highly competitive e-commerce world, a storytelling engagement can make your brand to stand out. By doing this, you can present your content in the most unique and compelling way. This proves to be beneficial in establishing an emotional connection between the brand and customers with the enhancement in sales.

  • Flexible Typography

    Content is the king of every e-commerce site as it plays a great role in engaging the visitor range. One must work on responsive typography so that it works on all kind of websites from small mobile to large desktop.

  • Big Backgrounds

    Large backgrounds are the most engaging website trend that makes the e-commerce stores to make the product desirable. It’s necessary to build clean and professional background images that compel the customers to make a purchase on your online shopping site.

  • Interactive Hidden Menus

    Implementation of hidden menus plays a great role in making the E-commerce site more enhanced and interesting. Most of the customers like to explore the hidden features on the e-commerce shopping site as these easily get escaped from a front side and gets hide to the left.

  • Influential Layout

    You must design a layout that lets the brand to gain strong identity among the competitors. An E-commerce website design must include features such as responsive animations, transitions, and card-like designs as well. One must create an all-in-one tool that keeps the e-commerce site at the top of the designing methodologies.

  • Social Linking

    Social networks are the few mediums that can take these shopping sites at the highest level of the industry. For those e-commerce store owners who place links on any social mediums, can attract the customers towards the products. One can also place ads on these social media and can expect of increasing sales for the upcoming years.

  • Secure Payment Gateway

    For all e-commerce sites, payment option is a mandatory feature as customers can no longer transact in cash. A designer must build a mobile-friendly and secure payment gateway as it is time and an energy-saving option for all shopping lovers.

Building an online e-commerce business is a challenging task. These few e-commerce design trends will definitely helpful in enhancing the e-commerce industry in the upcoming years. As a business owner, if you want to make your e-Commerce store popular, you can hire a team of web designers at FutureWorkz to implement necessary designing strategies in Edmonton.