SEO Friendly & User Friendly

How To Create SEO Friendly & User-Friendly Website?


At the point when a great many people consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO), they consider words. Web crawlers love new, important, catchphrase rich substance, and they reward the sites that have it with better page rankings. Search engines aren’t simply filtering for words, in any case – they’re surveying your website design too.


The significance of building an SEO-friendly site is verifiable. Coordinating SEO optimizations into your site will build your quality on search engines, and all the more particularly on Google SERPs. As Google represents over 90% of global organic search traffic, it is fundamental to facilitate the bot’s activity so as to be positioned rapidly and no problem at all.

So as to create SEO Friendly & User-Friendly Website, you need to consider following things

  • Make your URLs User-Friendly

    Most importantly, regardless of whether the URL structure of your site probably won’t be your definitive need, it is still significant. Disentangle your URLs with the goal that you have interesting ones for each page. The two pursuers and Search engines must be equipped for perusing your URL. Web crawlers as perusers, read your URL words to comprehend what the page will be about. That is the reason you ought not to utilize powerfully created URLs and alter them so as to give a full understanding of your content and target.

  • Avoid Duplicate Content

    Copied or duplicate content is prompting SEO issues that can punish your website rankings as well as inner copies. Continuously check for copy content and in any event, for close copies to keep your SEO top notch.

  • Create an XML Sitemap

    The XML sitemap helps search engines comprehend your website’s structure when they are crawling it. As you pass more information to Google, you can likewise decide the pages that are the most significant and important to you and give them a need.

  • Make it Compatible for all Devices

    Your site and your content must be streamlined for different gadgets that clients can use with the objective to get a satisfactory client experience. A range of instruments is available to assist you with the disposition of your site, when arrangement to actualize is chosen.

  • Use Robots.txt

    If your site has many pages that you would prefer not to be crawled so as to not squander all your slither crawl budget, you can utilize a robots.txt. It will tell the web crawlers’ bots the pages that can’t be slithered. Make sure to update the robots.txt document on the off chance that you choose to rebuild your site!

  • Focus on Internal Linking

    Internal linking assists with building page authority and permits you to explore more. But if you focus on building internal links, then it can be helpful for your website ranking. You can simply get a lot of traffic with internal linking.

  • Optimize Your Images

    Images are an important part of any website, so it can’t be ignored while discussing SEO. A few tricks can be effortlessly actualized to have ultimate and optimized images.

  • Check for Different Internal Pages

    As crawlers follow joins when they browse a site, watch that every one of your pages is appropriately appended to your site structure. If your site is designed well and has many internal pages, then visitors will spend much time on it. Spending more time on websites is very much beneficial for SEO purposes.

    SEO is responsible for driving the traffic towards a site in a characteristic manner and that is the reason when a web designer is enhancing his/her site they generally have been alert for search engine updates and doing the streamlining procedure. This is the reason why every business needs SEO services so that they can rank their business website to get more leads from it. So, SEO is like a ladder to get success in your business.