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Be Proud Of Canadian Heritage- Celebrating 150th Anniversary


Happy Canada Day!

Today is a remarkable day in the Canadian History, as the whole nation is gathered to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Canada. Everywhere, from home to streets and government offices to senates, the Red Maple Leaf flags can be seen waving all around. This depicts the passion we Canadians have for our nation. With so much preparation going all over the country, each and every citizen was eagerly waiting for 1st July to arrive, and here it is.

On this great day, we are privileged to remember our history, achievement and values. From where we started and where we have reached, the journey was all pleasant. Being loyal Canadian citizens, we should remember our origin, history and acknowledge our roots. We are forever blessed as we never had to fight for our existence on this planet.

We have become the largest diverse economy with citizens from all over the world. Despite being of different religions and races, we all are standing together as one. It is a matter of pride that Canada is home to people form all over the globe. Our ancestors gave us the wealth of values that we are treasuring from so long. We are honored to promote peace, teach tolerance and urge unity. This makes us unique and popular in the world.

Calling Canada our home is not less than a blessing. Today, we all are so excited to be a part of the 150th Birthday Celebration of our beloved country. Let us pledge that we’ll always stand together in both good and hard times displaying our unity and gratitude towards the nation. All Canadian citizens should welcome and assist all the immigrants who are interested to study, work and live in our country.

We are really proud of our land and values and promise to preserve them forever. Happy Birthday to the most majestic, diverse and beautiful country. May Jesus keeps on showering his love and blessings to our people and land.

Proud Canadians at FutureWorkz.