Time To Learn How Google Defines A Website That ‘Completely Meets’ A User’s Needs

Time To Learn How Google Defines A Website That ‘Completely Meets’ A User’s Needs

Google changes its algorithms and criteria to allow the website to be termed as best! Therefore, there are some guidelines that a website must follow. Website is no more about providing information but it should also have some quality in its content and images. The users are more intuitive, want quality content that resonates with them and lets them have a comfortable and easy experience on the website.

Thus, it is important to learn how Google defines a website that “Completely Meets” a User’s need! So, are you ready to learn, scroll up!

Time To Learn How Google Defines A Website That ‘Completely Meets’ A User’s Needs

SEO Friendly

The website should be SEO Friendly filled with the right keywords and the right amount. You should include the right keywords for your respective products and services. And make sure that the keyword density is 1% on the content.

While making use of keywords, you must make use of all the kinds of keywords- short tail and long-tail keywords. Most importantly, choose the words in accordance with the user intent so that it ranks once the user searches for that particular service or product.

Also, make sure that all your social media and SEO run parallels to each other. So, make sure that you have the backlinks and interlinking done in your blogs and content. Add links to your posts on Social media platforms to also bring synchronization to your website and social media. This helps in creating good links that help in increasing the web traffic.

User Friendly with Micro Experience

The most important part of a website is when you make it user friendly. Use the right UI and UX designs for your website because you do not want your visitors to leave. Add the right CTA (call to action) buttons on your website in order to let your visitors know what to do on your page.

Another thing is to add a little micro experience to your website. This means to make it a little interactive and engaging for the customers. Maybe you can add an image, or a sound to keep their visit interesting. This micro experience works best in retaining one time visitors. Just add a little element of engagement on your website.

Quality Content and Visuals

Whatever you write on the website should be of good quality. Google crawlers only pick up the good quality content that does not seem to be an imitation of other content. And, it should be optimized well to meet the SEO needs of the website. The content should be informative and interactive as it will keep the visitor busy and more curious to learn about the brand, services, or products. On the other hand, you must also keep the images and the video on the website up to the mark. Also, make sure to follow the guidelines of SEO while uploading images and videos- add alt tags, etc.

Focus on CTA and Layout

How your Website Design in Edmonton is yet another important aspect that Google takes into account to make it completely user friendly. This means that your layout should include the right placing of items- the content, the visual like the mages, the videos, GIFs, etc. If the elements are placed in a flow, then it makes it easier for the users to understand and interpret their course of action. The navigation on the website becomes easier. Thus, they are less likely to leave the website. Besides this, make sure that the website page load speed is also fast. The user shall not wait too long to get the desired information.

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