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How to Design an Attractive WordPress Website in 2021?

Are you looking to make your WordPress website look more beautiful, functional, and modern? As we are entering the world with new and updated technologies, even our websites need to be upgraded according to that. Website trends in 2021 are not different. Different design components and features should be made innovative and modern. 

How to Design an Attractive WordPress Website in 2021?


Because the last thing you want is to lose your conversion and since then the website fails to meet the standard look. Here are some of the latest trends that can help you design an attractive WordPress website.

Drag and Drop Page Builders

A drag and drop page builder allows the computer to have a chance in order to create their own site without using any code. Nothing can ever beat the personalized website and the capability of the experts to develop the website. Divi and Elementor- both of them are prominent and significant drag and drop plug-ins for the CMS- WordPress.

Flexible Vector Graphics

Multimedia is considered as the primary source of appearance for any kind of website. A website that includes pictures and photos efficiently make the website rank higher. Google makes sure to take care of the websites in order to make to user-friendly for mobile users. This aids to improve the rank of the website. However, GIF and PNG images lose their quality when they are resized. Thus, vector illustration and adds a unique definition and dimension on the website.

Focus On Data

It is important to hold the concentration of the visitor on the website. Thus, make sure to focus on data by progressively focusing on design features. A good design helps in contracting data in the website. Search engines want the visitor to invest more time on the website. By doing this, the indexing of the website increases. 

Asymmetric Layouts

For years, the websites are upgraded in the form of a grid. This is a good technique that aims to streamline the entire website framework and helps in concentrating on important elements. While on the other hand, the uniqueness of the website is lost. And, therefore, asymmetric layout and crooked design is an upcoming fad. This helps in originality, unsteady power, brutalism, and only enjoyment. Hence, it also develops a feeling of equilibrium and enables them to perform individual screening. The aim is to make the website asymmetric but no area should look larger than other areas. 

Mix Graphics and Photos

Mix the use of photos and graphics to send across the desired message. Regardless of whether you click the picture of an individual or an item- this will help in maintaining branding. This is one of the best ways to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Mixing the graphics and photos brings an exclusive and special visual effect.

Drifting Components and Soft Shadows

Add a video on the background of the website to catch the user’s attention and interest. However, nowadays modern technology enables you to integrate these techniques with a good high loading rate of the web page. This is true and beneficial for mobile phones. 

Dark Theme

Most of us love and use dark themed apps and websites. For a very long time, the background was white- it was the basis of the void. Some of the solutions included dark themes a few years ago. However, it has still not received broad and wider recognition. The trend of using dark themes in website browsers and mobile applications has increased and will be more prevalent in the year 2021. You can analyze the landing web pages of some of the huge brands. For instance, Hublot, Apple, Mercedes- Benz, and many others now use dark themes. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has entered in almost all aspects of our lives, even marketing. When you include AI on your website, you make the website more interactive and give a dramatic look to the website design. The addition of such artificial intelligence and connects moe to the growth of the business than compared to the outcome. It helps in automating the graphics selection. 

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