Top 8 Signs Indicate That You Need To Redesign Your Website

Nowadays, an updated website is a necessary part of making a big impact on your product, brand or business. To its contrary, an outdated site seems to be boring for the visitors because they are getting a better experience from other sites. But, how do you come to know that you need to update it?

Top 8 Signs Indicate That You Need To Redesign Your Website

Keeping this in mind, here are mentioned major 8 signs which you should notice in your site and update it immediately.

  • It Looks Outdated

    If you compare the technology, there is a big difference between traditional and current techniques. The look is important to attract the visitors likewise we can’t deny that functionality is also necessary. It needs to give a fresh look and functionality to your site.

  • How Old Your Site Is

    However, there are no so hard rules for changing your website after completing some particular years. But, if your site has completed 5 or more years, it is quite a long time in which, several advancements in technology and best practices of google rank were introduced.

  • Non-Responsive Site

    There is about 52% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. Moreover, Google is basking in the ranking of sites from mobile instead of a desktop. If your site is not responsive then you need to update it using the mobile-friendly elements.

  • Low Traffic, Leads And Conversions

    If your website not generating the lead and conversions even it is getting low traffic, it refers that your visitors are not finding what they are searching for. It enough indicates you about your site redesign.

  • Slow Loading

    If your site will take time to load, no one would stay on it and find another one. According to Google, the page loading speed impacts the ranking factor on mobile. Make sure to make your site easily open on any page without loading.

  • Unable To Share On Social Media

    Almost 31% of website traffic comes from social media, so when you share your respective website on various social media, it should look attractive. More high quality you shares on social media more traffic you will generate.

  • Visitors Stability On Your Site

    First of all, check the bounce rate to measure for how long visitors stay on your page. You can also inspect the average of visitors on the average page and traffic can be found on Google Analytics and other tracking techniques.

  • Number Of Your Competitors

    Your competitors will do research on new methods to make their site better than yours. Their new and trendy techniques are enough to competition tougher. In order to stand out among your competitors, you need to use newer techniques.

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