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Web Designer Vs. Web Developer: How They Create A website

Several people have confusion in the role of web designer and developer. Some people take both positions as a synonym. For an individual who is looking to create an online business website, must know the difference between web designer and developer. They both play an essential role in creating an eye-catching and fully optimized website but work separately.

Currently, the boundaries between the web designer and developer are not clear. Many designers are showing interest in learning the code while developers are also paying attention to design theory.

Web Designer Vs. Web Developer: How They Create A website

  • A Web Developer

    is responsible for utilizing the different components to design a fully functional website to be accessed easily by the users.

  • A Web Designer

    is responsible for the elegant design that can attract the visitor.

To know the difference between the web designer and developer, you must go through the tools and resources they utilize.

Web Design

A web designer has the power to transform an idea, story or image from your mind to visually appealing design. Their job is difficult as they have to integrate the user experience creating a welcoming environment for the users. The web design has several basic design principles to obtain a beautiful and pleasing layout which provide excellent UX.

Design Principles

  • Balance

    The process of web designing includes heavy to light several elements. In order to design an appropriate project, it is essential to use the correct proportion of each element. Thus, the designers are able to balance all the things to get useful results.

  • Contrast

    When it comes to the color theory, the contrasting colors are placed opposite to another color. The web designers offer a contrast that is applicable on few required areas of the web design. The professionals have to consider the size, shapes, and textures to define the image and get the attention of users.

  • Emphasis

    It is a design principle refers to highlighting some essential elements of the website layout. It is necessary to learn which part of your website you should emphasize. In case, you emphasize everything on the site, it means you will emphasize nothing.

  • Consistency

    This is one of the critical web design principles. If you have clean and consistent navigation that will provide excellent user experience to the visitors.

  • Unity

    It is all about the relationship between distinct parts of the websites layout and the composition. In web design, the utility refers to how the human brain organizes the information visually via grouping elements into categories.

The Role Of Web Designer

  • The web designer utilizes the software tools such as Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Sketch to create the final layout design of the website.
  • They are also skilled in graphic design and logo design services.
  • They provide better user experience by delivering the most straightforward approach to the desired function in the website. It refers to build the layout, images, button, and format of the site.
  • They also keep in mind the branding of any website, color palettes, typography and readability.
  • The web designers always stay up to date with the latest design trends and advanced tools & technologies to provide better design services.

Web Development/Developers

When it comes to the web developers, they turn the design into a website. The web developers are handy in different web languages and software tools which help to develop the plan and functions of a site. Even the web developer has two sub-categories:

  • Front-End Developers builds the interface and gives the layout as the interaction between the user and the back-end of the website. It may also work as a connection between the site and back-end developers. The front-end developers mainly use the languages, HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop a full-fledged site.
  • Back-End Developers monitor the server data and requests. If your website contains the dynamic data, it may need back-end services. They use the server languages PHP or ASP.NET while to write the database queries they use the language SQL or MySQL.

The Role Of Web Developer

  • They build the actual interface utilizing which the users interact with the website.
  • They write well-designed, efficient and testable code using the possible software development practices.
  • Create a website layout/user interface using standard practices.
  • Collect and refine specifications based on the technical requirements.
  • Develop and maintain the software documentation.
  • Provide maintenance and scale up your website.

Two Jobs and One Aim

At the end of the discussion, both web designer and developers work together to reach the singular goal to build and design a website or app that attracts the visitors. They both work to make a site that looks aesthetic and function properly. The designing principles reflect the brand and interface helps to encourage visitors to take the desired action.

In a nutshell, the web designers and developer both are required to make a fully functional website. So, when it comes to creating your online business webpage, then you can reach FutureWorkz. Our team of professional web designers and developers in Edmonton are experienced and familiar with new tools and technologies to bring the most satisfying outcome.