5 Best Tools for Website Analysis to Improve Website Performance

Best Tools for Website Analysis to Improve Website Performance

Web analysis tools have become a necessity in today’s times to optimize your site, uplift your search rankings, and drive more traffic to your businesses. Suppose you have an online strategy for your business. In that case, you need to bank on the best web analytics tools to guarantee your website pages are profoundly noticeable to your target audience and improve website traffic in the long run.

Wondering how which all website analysis Edmonton tools can help you in uplifting your website performance Edmonton? Well, your wait is over as this post is all about the best tools for website analysis that can help you improve web performance.

5 Best Tools for Website Analysis to Improve Website Performance

You are searching for free tools to improve your site’s performance and find how your rivals’ sites are performing contrasted with yours? Here I am listing free and the most popular tools for website analysis that will skyrocket your website performance.

Google Analytics

There’s no doubt that everyone is aware of Google Analytics; however, it’s impressive that organizations neglect to benefit from its analytics features. Regardless of whether your website CMS has built-in analytics, it merits your chance to set up a free account. With this, users can easily track webpage usage, traffic sources, top-performing blog entries and significantly more. It even fills in as a keyword tool. Other accommodating capacities incorporated by Google Analytics are recognizing copy content, finding broken connections, and following backlinks to help your link building endeavours. The entirety of this information will help you settle on wise choices when performing continuous updates to your site.


SEMRush is famous for carrying out a wide range of checks on your site, with the ideal aftereffect of improving and enhancing your web presence. The tests it carries out retain a review of your site and check for its overall health, improved SEO, keyword value research, and a thorough analysis of your backlinks. SEMRush is a paid tool that plays out a far-reaching set of study, makes suggestions, and improves your website experience.


Databox is a useful and trusted tool that accumulates your site’s data and presents it in a visual arrangement, which is extraordinary for real-time data and straightforwardly presenting metrics to the internal stakeholders. You can even plan your dashboards to feature the relevant information. The visuals can direct the route toward your subsequent stages to improve site SEO.

You can similarly get alerts for metrics you need to monitor all the more intently using your inbox, on the Databox app or even through its Slack integration.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a ground-breaking asset for dissecting your site’s SEO and discovering roads for development. This instrument shows page traffic, keyword information, page rankings in Google Search results, page traffic is broken down by device, and the sky’s limit. It’s additionally the spot to go to improve your local SEO. Being a Google product, it bodes well that it works related to other Google apparatuses like Analytics, Google Trends and Google Ads.

Since Google is the place where you need your site to be discovered, it bodes well to use their tools. With its Search Console, you can pick up bits of knowledge on how your site can perform better in alignment with Google’s effective practices and ever-developing algorithms.

Website Grader by HubSpot

Out of all the popular free website analysis tools found online, Website Grader by HubSpot is an incredible asset to perceive how your site piles facing the rival’s online presence and what you can do to improve your own website’s performance. Website Grader assesses traffic, mobile optimization, on-page and off-page SEO, page speed insights, and other specialized components that impact your site’s performance.

Every region of your site is evaluated so you can see precisely what needs improvement and, if you need to get the full insight, you can begin with a free trial. You can likewise analyze your strong competitor’s URLs to learn how you study.

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